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The scholars of Nadwatul Ulama have made their mark by creating a new mould of educational system consistent with the spirit of Islamic teachings as well as the demands of changing times. The Nadwatul Ulama has succeeded in bringing forth a body of Ulama who could feel the pulse of time and adequately carry out the function of Islamic preaching and propagation in the context of the demands made by the modern age. This has also gone a long way in bridging the gulf between the modern educated classes and those who had received theological education.

During its brief history Nadwatul Ulama has accomplished the work of centuries. It has fulfilled the tasks which even the governments would have found difficult to achieve within such a short period of time. And all this has been done in the face of unrelenting financial difficulties, its sole source of income being the donations and contributions made to it from time to time by Muslim philanthropists. Had it been granted greater opportunities and had its financial resources been wider it would certainly have achieved much more and given the World of Islam something which would have really been wonderful.

Still, it is a matter of deep satisfaction that the Nadwatul Ulama has been able to fulfil, with the Grace of God, the tasks it had set before itself. The importance of its objectives was realised by the religious and literary circles. During the period the Nadwatul 'Ulama Association functioned more as a movement than merely as an educational institution, it had succeeded in providing a common platform to the religious scholars of the old school of thought and the modern educated Muslim intelligentsia. The revolutionary call of reform and renovation was given by it at a time when it was most needed. It produced a number of highly distinguished theologians and doctors of religion who made an impress on the educational and cultural life of the Indian Muslims.

A notable achievement of this small band of men has been that they have served as envoys and ambassadors between the two sections of the community, who were intellectually strangers to each other if not mutually hostile, and tried their best to narrow down the gulf between the traditional and the modern educated classes. In fact, there is no place for such a division in Islam; for, practical life and its problem do not fall outside the scope of religion nor can there be a concept of the life and the world repudiating spiritual-moral values. If, apart from the removal of mutual hostility and bridging the gap between the traditional and modern educated sections of the community, there would have been no other achievement to the credit of the Nadwa scholars, even this would have been enough to justify the establishment of Nadwatul 'Ulama. They have proved that the Nadwa people were neither isolated from the world nor were they insensitive to the demands of the time. Together with the writers and research scholars and literati of Arabic and Urdu and the bearers of the torch of culture and civilization, the Nadwatul Ulama has also given men who have produced the finest Islamic literature for the modern educated classes of the community and the world in general, set up a high standard of learning and scholarship and laid the foundation of a new style in Arabic literature.

A fairly large number of Nadwa scholars have ceaselessly been rendering highly meritorious religious and literary services to the Millet and the country. It is perhaps not necessary to mention the names and achievements of these well-known savants of religion.

The possibilities of further progress and development of the Nadwatul Ulama are clear enough. With its lofty ideals, glorious traditions and magnificent record of work, it can be developed into a sort of universal lighthouse-intellectual as well as spiritual-for the world of Islam. It is well-equipped to give proper religious and intellectual guidance to the Millet and thereby rescue it from the clutches of ever- increasing Godless materialism and apostasy, It can go a long way in the preservation and promotion of those values and interests of Islam whose defense and encouragement is incumbent on the entire Islamic world and from which Muslims all over the world will be benefitted. But these laudable ends, difficult though they seem to be at present, can be achieved by building up the Nadwatul Ulama, as an educational movement, and enlisting active co-operation and participation of the Muslims not only in this country but also of all those sons of Islam who are engaged in serving its cause in different parts of the world.

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